Services Offered

Flooring Installation

The type of installation and materials are determined by your home's subfloor, whether it's a concrete slab or plywood subfloor. The two main ways of installing are referred to as a nailed down or a glued down installation. Each are effective and have their own unique qualities that make them particular to the type of subfloor you’re installing on.

Installing on a Concrete  Slab  generally glue your product to the subfloor and use engineered wood. Some people may think gluing your hardwoods is insufficient. With today’s technology this really isn’t the case. Gluing your floor can be just as reliable and sturdy (if not more) than a nailed down installationm. It holds your hardwoods in place while at the same time expanding and contracting with the warming and cooling of the seasons. 

Installing on a Subfloor Installing hardwoods on a plywood subfloor is a nailed down process. Between the tongue and groove, nails are driven through the board into your plywood locking it into place. 

Womack's Hardwoods inspects all subfloors make sure they are flat. This is an important step to insure the structural integrity of your installation. 

We offer a remarkable finished product that will last a lifetime. 

Wood Floor Stain

For customers who have a specific color scheme in mind, Womack's Hardwoods can stain hardwood floors to almost any color. If you have maple flooring there will be a little more work involved because we don’t recommend staining either. The average dry time for your brown, pastel and white is approximately 3 days.Womack's Hardwoods has extensive experience matching stains to existing wood; however, it’s not an exact science. Careful selection of your stain of choice is important because the only way to lighten or darken the stain once it’s been applied is to re-sand then re-stain the floor. To avoid this situation, we will show our customers chosen stain samples on their floor during the finishing process so they can see it on the existing floor.

Wood Floor Refinishing

A hardwood floor that is scratched, dented, or excessively worn can take away from the attraction of a home and even decrease its value. Floors naturally become scuffed and fatigued over time.Refinishing your hardwood floors can be the perfect solution to your problem! The general process of sanding and refinishing takes about three to five days depending on the chosen finish. Although that may seem like a lengthy process, the results are well worth the wait. With the industry’s most cutting edge technology and years of experience, we offer the highest quality hardwood floor refinishing.

Wood Floor Repair

When your hardwood floors get damaged, We can help you repair them  Water damage, Fire damage, chipped boards, dented boards, cupping, cracking, or warping, we can fix it. Matching an older floor to your new repair area takes skill and requires intensive labor. We have the experience to feather in your new floors whether its engineered or solid, we will make the damaged area disappear. With a commitment to satisfy our customers we are excited to help you with your repair and restore your floor back to its original beauty.